Restart device
В связи с некоторыми глюками стоит задача:
из .cmd запретить сетевку, потом разрешить (или сетевое соединение)
Кто подскажет?
например скриптом devise.vbs из комплекта w2k resource kit pro.

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

Controls Devices on a machine.

1. Device.vbs /L
[/S ][/U ][/W ]
[/O ]

2. Device.vbs /G | /X | /R | /M
[/S ][/U ][/W ]
[/O ]

3. Device.vbs /I /D [/N ]
[/S ][/U ][/W ]
[/O ]

/L List all devices
/G Start a device
/X Stop a device
/R Remove a device
/M Set the device Mode
/I Install device
StartMode The Device Startup Setting.
device The Full name and path of the device.
DisplayName The Device name that appears in the directory listing/
server A machine name.
username The current user's name.
password Password of the current user.
outputfile The output file name.

1. cscript Device.vbs /L /S MyMachine2
Listed installed devices for the machine MyMachine2.
2. cscript Device.vbs /X /D Beep
Stops device Beep on the current machine.